The Science Behind Nano-Hydroxyapatite

Introducing Nano-Hydroxyapatite

Scientifically proven to strengthen and protect your teeth.

History of Nano-Hydroxyapatite (nHAp)

In the late 1970’s that NASA scientists searched for a cure for Astronauts returning from zero gravity environments that were experiencing bone and tooth enamel loss.

Their treatment included introducing Nano-Hydroxyapatite (a naturally occurring mineral that makes up 97% of tooth enamel) into toothpaste to help restore and remineralize tooth enamel.

The mineral was so effective that a Japanese toothpaste company, Sangi, purchased the patent from NASA in 1980 to use in toothpaste. The rest is history.

For over 40 years, nHAp in toothpaste has proven to be be the most effective solution for helping to stop tooth day all over the world.



3000x magnification of a human tooth before and after use of Nan0-Hydroxyapatite.

The 10% Difference

Nano-hydroxyapatite has been clinically proven to remineralize tooth enamel at the same level as fluoride when used at the correct concentration, 10%, and the correct partial size. While other brands may include nHAp, Dr. Jen's includes the full 10% for optimal results.

Read full study:

In addition to remineralizing tooth enamel, 10% Nano Hydroxyapatite has additional benefits that fluoride does not offer:

Safe if Swallowed
(however, we do not recommend swallowing)

No warning labels required like fluoride in toothpaste

Smooths teeth creating a glossier and whiter smile.

Nano Hydroxyapatite fills pore and micro lesions in the enamel creating a smoother and whiter surface for a brighter-looking smile

Protects teeth
from sensitivity

nHAp fills the pore of exposed dentin and other weak surfaces of the enamel protecting the teeth from sensitivity.


With brushing, nHAp adheres to the plaque making it easier to remove plaque and food for the teeth.

Why Dental Professionals Choose Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen’s toothpaste is the #1 authentic & all-natural toothpaste on the market that is proven to include 10% concentration of Nano-Hydroxyapatite - The correct amount required to support results.

Vs. Leading Nano-Hydroxyapatite Natural toothpastes

Backed by over 25 years of dental experience

Dr. Jen’s is the authentic choice

As a mother, engineer, and dentist, Dr. Jen has spent the last 25 years advancing oral care.

Using her training and experience, she has created the next generation of oral care products using natural and proven ingredients.

Once you try Dr. Jen's oral care products, you will notice the difference.

Not only is Dr. Jen a dentist, she is an engineer, mother, and faculty member at the University of Minnesota Dental School focusing the last 25 years on advancing dental care. No other toothpaste founder has committed more time, training, and development to improve our oral care products.

Her peers call her toothpaste the ethical choice because not only are the ingredients healthy, but the paste will strengthen enamel. All of Dr. Jen’s oral care products were developed using uncompromisingly safe and clinically proven ingredients with her patient’s and customers’ oral care as the priority of her mission.

She is one of a kind in the natural oral care space.


Why is Dr. Jen’s nano Hydroxyapatite more expensive than other nano Hydroxyapatite brands?

While most brands only use 1 to 3% for marketing purposes, Dr. Jen uses the required 10% nano Hydroxyapatite to remineralize tooth enamel at the same level as fluoride. See the clinical study:

How does nano Hydroxyapatite work, and can I see the clinical studies?

Nano Hydroxyapatite is bio-compatible with tooth enamel. It enters the pores of the enamel and exposed dentin to remineralize enamel helping to prevent tooth decay. See study

What percentage of nano Hydroxyapatite and particle size is required to help stop tooth decay, and how much does Dr. Jen’s toothpaste contain?

For nano-hydroxyapatite to be as effective as fluoride with remineralizing enamel, it must contain 10% nano Hydroxyapatite. Cheaper forms of Hydroxyapatite with larger particle sizes are too large to enter pours and will not effectively remineralize tooth enamel. Dr. Jen uses 10% nano Hydroxyapatite

Does Dr. Jen’s stop sensitivity?

Yes! Not only is 10% nano Hydroxyapatite effective at remineralizing enamel, but it is also great at coating exposed dentin and weak enamel to protect teeth from sensitivity.

Can I really return my toothpaste if I am not happy with the results?

Yes! Dr. Jen offers a 30-day smile guarantee. If, for any reason you are not happy with her oral care products, let us know within the first 30 days of use and we will provide you with a refund. No questions asked.

What is included in the flavoring?

Dr. Jen only uses natural flavoring. Her cool mint proprietary blend of essential oils effectively kills bad breath bacteria while promoting a healthy mouth microbiome. Her flavoring includes Peppermint, Spearmint, Black Cherry, Papaya, and Licorice Root.

What is the RDA (abrasive score) of Dr. Jen’s toothpaste?

All of Dr. Jen’s toothpastes score below a 50 RDA, which makes her toothpaste gentle yet effective at removing plaque.

Where is Dr. Jen’s Toothpaste manufactured?

In the USA at an FDA-approved manufacturing facility.

Is Dr. Jen a real Dentist?

Yes! Dr. Jen studied engineering, graduated at the top of her Dental school class, completed a specialty residency in orthodontics, and became a faculty member at the University of Minnesota Dental School. Dr. Jen has a full time practice in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Do I rinse after brushing or just spit?

For maximum benefits with remineralizing, it is better not to rinse after brushing with Dr. Jen’s toothpaste. Just spit.

Why is Silk Floss more prone to break when flossing?

Unlike plastic floss, which is more durable and leaves microplastics in your mouth to be swallowed, silk is natural and easier to break when it comes in contact with sharp surfaces between the teeth. Sharp surfaces between the teeth could result from a chipped tooth, decay, or filling starting to break down. If you are breaking floss between any areas of your teeth, bring these areas between teeth to your dentist’s attention to help avoid more advanced dental work in the future.

Is Dr. Jen’s toothpaste and mouthwash vegan and gluten-free?

Yes! Dr. Jen’s toothpaste and mouthwash is both vegan and gluten-free.

Can I buy wholesale?

Yes, Dr. Jen partners with dental offices that want to offer her toothpaste for their patients.

Who is Dr. Jen's Nano-hydroxyapatite Toothpaste best for?

All ages. Nano Hydroxyapatie is safe for anyone searching for an alternative to fluoride for fighting tooth decay.

Is it safe if swallowed?

Nano Hydroxyapatite is safe if swallowed, however, we do not recommend swallowing toothpaste. It is non-toxic and bio-compatible.

Can it help repair damage from bleaching and other harsh treatments?

Nano Hydroxyapatite is clinically proven to remineralize tooth enamel. It helps people suffering from weak enamel and tooth sensitivity. People stuffing from damaged or decayed enamel need to see a dentist for repair.

Is it good for sensitive teeth?

10% nano Hydroxyapatite is great for sensitive teeth. While most sensitive brands use toxic potassium nitrate (the same ingredient used to make explosives) as a pain blocker, nano Hydroxypaptite coats the teeth to protect them from sensitivity.

Can it help with gum recession?

10% nano Hydroxyapatite will protect areas of exposed dentin caused by gum recession eliminating tooth sensitivity. You will have to work with your dentist to manage the periodontal disease.